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Brian Vukadinovich is a retired teacher and basketball coach in Indiana and has served as executive director of The Posner Center of Justice for Pro Se’s based in Chicago, Illinois, for retired federal court of appeals judge Richard A. Posner. He has successfully represented himself in state and federal court proceedings in Indiana, including winning a federal jury verdict against his former public school corporation employer in Indiana in March 2016 for violating his due process rights in a five-day trial where he represented himself against the corporation’s team of lawyers.

He has received national acclaim for his self-representation ability. According to Speakerpedia Brian is considered to be the leading pro se litigant in the country as he is believed to be the only person to have ever won a federal civil rights jury trial by representing himself without a lawyer. According to Speakerpedia Brian is considered to be the foremost expert in the country in the art of pro se litigation – the ability to represent oneself – and has spoken on the topic in several different forums and interviews, including speaking to a Yale Law School class about how he was able to successfully represent himself and win the federal civil rights jury trial against his former public school corporation employer.

Acclaimed retired federal court of appeals judge Richard A. Posner wrote in his book Justice for Pro Se’s that Brian “has the distinction of being one of the most successful pro se litigants in modern history.” Brian is very passionate about social justice issues and the federal judiciary’s indifference to people’s civil rights claims. He is the author of several op-eds on social justice and judicial unfairness issues, including op-eds published by the Washington Examiner and the American Thinker. Visit the Media page, which is available via the above navigation menu, to read some of them.

Brian has been a featured guest on the television program Pro Se Nation based in Princeton, New Jersey, and also a featured guest of Megan Fox on her podcast show The Fringe with Megan Fox “Episode 54: Secret Courts and Judicial Misconduct with Author Brian.” Brian did a Barnes & Noble book signing with his book Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case in El Paso Texas in September 2019 to support the #ElPasoStrong campaign after the horrific shooting massacre at the El Paso Walmart. He lives in Indiana with his brother Branko, who is a steelworker, and his dog Blackie.

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