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We are all actual court victims who have become activists with the goal of bringing together all the court victims in world in one place.

To share tactics, abuse stories, names of abusers and locations of the abuse.
We’ve joined forces with other activists and victims from the following sites: Home for all Court Victims, find and list victims, judges, lawyers Get your case listed and expose your ugly judges and lawyers Add your case to the Court Victim nationwide database Join Sherry and Bradford Lund in their efforts to expose court corruption

We’re NOT about taking money for our services from fellow victims. Victims need to beware of those who pretend to want to help but once involved will ask, pressure or even demand payment. While we welcome any donation for the upkeep of our offshore hosted websites, this is only voluntary and never expected or mandatory. Victims should be helping other victims, not profiting from them.

TON’S OF FEATURES, see the bottom of this page

Note, the information we ask for when you register will remain private and secure. The goal and purpose is to help victims in your state and city to find each other. To find victims of the same judges and lawyers. Note when you provide the info “Only Me” means other users will NOT be able to see the info however the info will affect statistics. “Everyone” means everyone will see that info.

USERNAME: Can be anything you wish (except the word Admin)
EMAIL ADDRESS: Please make sure your email address is valid and correct, if it’s not, you won’t be able to reset your password or access your account
FIRST NAME: Will be viewable, you may use an initial if you wish more privacy
LAST NAME: Is not viewable

 Only Me (you) or Everyone (Other users)

Register with a valid email address to join the community. Unlike Facebook who pays their fact checkers and actual users are NOT part of the community which applies their rules and censorship without a fair appeals process, here you are the community.

Goals are to track and organize all court victims so that other victims in their states and cities can find each other. There is strength in numbers as well networking, support and going to court to support one another.

Please be sure to add your case (or as much about your case as you wish) at

1. Register at
2. Look for the email “[Court Victim Chat] Activate your account”
Please check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox
4. Log in with your username and password. Use the password reset option on the Login page if you forgot your password.
5. Once logged on, click on the top right-hand corner (Your Username) to reveal a drop-down menu.
6. Start exploring, join a group or create your own. Visit the Forum (discussion board) where we
are building YOUR community where court victims can share without censorship or propaganda, which is so common on the major social media platforms.
7. Know of other victims or family who need to get involved, use the share options at the bottom of our pages.
8. Get busy finding solutions, posting yours, networking and supporting other victims.
9. Find friends or invite other court victims, look for friends by clicking on the Members button.

We limit or refuse anyone who attempts or has been known to pretend to be a victim, is a member of the Legal BAR, asks for money or posts info to sell items. If you wish to market your books, we have a section for that which you can link to, but we don’t allow posting items for sale of any kind.

Welcome to our community, unlike other social media platforms this is your community where we vote as a group for changes. Censorship is not allowed.
First you need to register, your registration will have fields you need to include to validate if you are in fact an authentic victim.

DISCUSSION FORUM (Court Victim Forum)
Where you can add your case, questions, abuse or abusers
GROUPS Where you can join specific groups by type, location or from Facebook groups who have moved here.
Join as many as you want, use the subscribe option by checking the box on each group

Use your user name
(issued when you register and found in your profile)
You can also use the email address used to register with
Password, if your password does not work (make sure you enter it correctly as you registered with)
Reset it HERE

Your Profile lets people know who you are

Find out who else is here or who you might want to send a friend request to

Use this form if you are having problems accessing the site

Get familiar with how your dashboard works to find your way around:

Chat with court victims, Contact other Court Victims, Support and Network with Court Victims

Once you have registered with, you need to log in using the text link top right of the page. Once logged in, you’ll see your username top right with the “Howdy, username”.

1. Hover over your username and the control panel drops.
2. Hover over the items in the drop-down to expose more options.
3. Start with “Settings” at the bottom.


We created a community with an easy to remember domain with many benefits to help move all court victims forward.

Offshore, hosted in Iceland for our protection and benefit
Private Messaging
Private Voice Calls
Private Video Messaging
Group Voice calls
Group Video messaging
Private Discussion Forums by State and County
Choose by email subscription how much you want to stay inform, daily, weekly etc.
Groups by State and City
Groups by Special Interest
Access to free online posting of your story, photos, documents and details
Profiles where you choose how much you wish others to see or how to find you
Public Discussion Forum by State and County
Community Polls (Vetted Court Victims Only)
News Feed
Social Media Feed Like FB
Browser Notifications of activity
Email notifications by choice of subscription of topic (Web Push)

WebRTC is the most secure voice and video calling technology available today on the market.

Phone Android IOS app coming soon

The goal is to fit where you are as a victim and how much you wish to share or get involved. To network, share, stay informed, find other victims of the same abusers, County and state. Private or public communications.

To provide organization, privacy to fit your needs, private secure communications between one another, to get your message out, your story told and to document our abuse and judicial abuse nationwide.

Getting involved is simple. Register (knowing the more verifiable info included, the faster you can be verified for everyone’s protection). Ensure you include a valid email address, know that the info we collect is only used to organize victims by state, county and court division. Your info will never be shared or sold. Get familiar with our community via “Friends, Groups and Messages interface” and “ World Discussion Forum by State, Province, County and City.” Secure, free audio and video calls. Like FB you choose your friends who can contact you and who you associate with.

Everything in one place ONLY for Court Victims

It’s NOT JUST MESSAGING, it’s audio messaging, video messaging, group audio, group video and screen sharing to help one another figure out how it works or show your friends something on the screen


Live chat functionality allows creating chat rooms or private conversations between community users.
• Files Uploading
• Embedded links with thumbnail
• Emoji’s
• oEmbed YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, DailyMotion, Kickstarter, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and more
• Message sound notification
• Whole site messages notifications (User will be notified anywhere with small notification window)
• Mass messaging feature
• Mentions feature
• Bad words filter
• Block user feature
• Reactions to messages
• Chat Rooms NEW
And many more features not listed here and constantly expanding

Join court victim community for court victims only network support share


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