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      • Yes, it is 100% true and provable by the laws of logic, that every time thee or me are compelled by a force of arms or a threat of being thrown into a cage to accept a "benefit", that it is right then and there instantly transformed into a gift for us!  How can it be otherwise?  You cannot walk down the street, pick someone out of the crowd, and then force them into accepting something from you, and then expect them to give you something that you want from them in return, can you?  If you can do that, then please demonstrate how and why!  If you had some legitimate means or reason for making such a demand stick, then why bother with the first half at all?  Why not just make your demands for payments and save yourself the extra work?  It is done that way in an effort to cover up the crime of coercion that is going on.  It is done that way so that the ones who are in their pretended positions of power and authority, will be able to maintain their illusions of grandeur, power and authority.  Salesmen and various charities do this all of the time with their trinkets that cost them very little, but are counted upon to instill a sense of owing and guilt in the recipient, so that the recipient will then make a purchase or donation.  See how simple and insidious this is?  Install the guilt factor, and then reap the rewards!  It has been going on for many thousands of years, and will continue to work for as long as they don't have too many people getting wise to it.  But once that cat is out of the bag, there's very little chance of ever putting it back in again.  The cat's teeth, claws and temper are very formidable weapons! Every government since time immemorial, has used this exact same ploy, this tactic, to placate the masses so they don't rise up and overthrow the ruling elites!  Give them "free" bread and a circus, and they will be so grateful for the diversions, that they will stay in their places and not cause the elites too many problems.  But eventually the "free" bread runs out and then the circus is too expensive to maintain too, and then all hell breaks loose once again and the elites often wind up in the new circus!  And they don't want to play that role in the new game because it is too painful for them. So a very good question to add to the arsenal of what are called The Three Magic Questions, is this one; Am I being forced into accepting some kind of a perceived benefit from you?  If that is a premise that is being operated off of, then it can be negated right there!  ALL premises are open to examination and debate, and if they are not, then we deserve an explanation as to why not.  And if those explanations are not easily forthcoming, then we can plainly see that we are living under some kind of a tyranny and we have lost our liberty.  The power that questioning gives us is far too vast to be easily summed up in one short work such as this one, but once the pump is primed, so to speak, more and more power is revealed to us as we just continue to ask our questions. Too many times now, we have seen a mockery made of our genuine and legitimate questions with the situation of the small child who has an inquisitive mind, forever asking "Why?", until the parent or older sibling sighs and gives up in exasperation.  It may seem cute on the surface and we chuckle about it because we've all experienced it to some degree, but it puts a chilling effect upon us nonetheless.  We are being subjected to the insinuation that if we ask too many questions, we are being just like little children who need to shut up and go to our room. But that is when the questions should really begin in earnest!  The ability to ask as many questions as we may like is the hallmark of a free society, and the refusals of those questions is the hallmark of a tyranny. If someone has even the smallest clue at all about the concept of ne plus ultra, taking things out to their limit, then they can apply this data, these facts, this logic to any situation and run with it.  How far and fast can one run with this stuff?  That is one of the greatest questions that can ever be asked!  Who can put any kind of a limit upon how much we can think or how fast or how far, but ourselves?  Certainly no one who is in any kind of position of power or authority, either real or imagined, can do so.  Unless we let them, of course.  And we let them do this to us by our continued ignorance of knowledge and our rights that we are born with.  Who this day is born a slave?  If someone can be pointed to as having been born a slave, then fine, let us see who they are!  And if no one was born a slave, then that must mean that we were all born free, as there is no such thing as a part-time slave.  And if we were born free, then we shall forever remain free!  We only have the illusion of being a slave, and nothing more than that. George Mercier erred gravely with his book Invisible Contracts, because there cannot be any such thing at all.  It is as provable as the fact that no female of any species can be "just a little bit pregnant".  For any contract to be valid, it must adhere to the laws that determine what a contract is completely, 100% of the time, or it simply does not exist at all.  Now some may like to delude themselves and others into thinking that this is an extreme position to take and is not tenable, but that is not true at all.  Those people just don't know how to use that particular poison as its own antidote.  It's all about knowledge and how and when to use that knowledge.  There is no place at all where it can be found to be written in sand or stone, that there is some limit to which we must abide regarding fraud, contracts and freedom.
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      Court Victims need to take great care in which WHO they provide their case info and details. It is one thing to provide and name, city and state, but another to provide a stranger who claims to want to help your telephone number, financial info, value of an estate etc. There are an abundance of so-called court victims WHO ARE NOT VICTIMS they just use the false front to gain trust and work their way into your pockets. The last thing anyone wants it to be re-victimized by one more predator.
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