Webinar “How to Research your Judge”

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      Janet Phelan
        As court victims, we pretty much tread the same path. We file motions, we hire and fire attorneys, we go to the police, the DA, the FBI and to the media. These options seldom work because they engage the corrupt system. The research process takes you outside the system of complicit public officials and allows you to shed a clear light on their iniquity.
        The webinar on “How to Research your Judge” will take place at 3 pm Central on October 8. Along with the details as to how to do this research to discover whether or not your judge is laundering bribes and pay offs through his home loans, you will get extended assistance for when you begin to do this research on your own. I will be available to webinar attendees for whatever obstacles they encounter on their paths to discovery.
        To register, you may remit the $30 registration fee to me at my paypal account, which is On the morning of the 8th, you will receive a zoom link.
        There are a limited number of free passes available, so if you wish to attend and cannot afford the fee, please email me.
        Looking forward to seeing you on the 8th!
        Janet Phelan
        “EXILE,” published 2014
        “At the Breaking Point of History,” published 2021
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