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        Tumwater, Washington: Was AG “Taken Out” by Veterans Group

        Activist Post: Was Annette Hayes “Taken Out” by Veterans Group


        “It does seem very odd,” commented Kerri Kasem, Founder and President of the Kasem Cares Foundation, which advocates for guardianship and probate reform. “Here’s someone who declined to leave in 2017 when her replacement was announced, then without advanced notice she’s just gone. You would think there’s a reason for her leaving office so suddenly.”

        The organized effort for investigation of corruption in the U.S. Attorney’s Office was led by a national Seattle-based group that has aggressively pursued the criminal prosecution of corrupt judges and attorneys, Veterans for Guardianship and Probate Reform (VGR), together with GPF organizations AAAPG, CEAR, and the Kasem Cares Foundation.

        After reviewing dozens of probate and guardianship cases with serious problems, VGR Paralegal Sophia Bagnaschi noticed a pattern of names, contacted ad hoc guardianship advocacy groups to compare notes, performed exhaustive searches of thousands of records, and discovered evidence that Washington State public officials are being bribed.

        “When you work directly with people who’ve been affected by court fraud, you see the human cost, the loss of life, the destruction of families. You really feel the pain, the trauma, the loss of faith, and the hopelessness. It’s just unbelievable, the total devastation. When I found out that staff attorneys at the U.S. Attorney’s Office wouldn’t prosecute corrupt judges and lawyers because the victims are, to quote, ‘either dead or diminished so they don’t make good witnesses,’ that was it,” said Bagnaschi, “I just knew something was very wrong. I needed to know why this was happening. I just became completely outraged and went to work,” said Bagnaschi.

        U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes to Step Down

        Served as Chief Federal Law Enforcement Officer in Western Washington


        Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Northwest Trustee Services of Bellevue, Washington, for Illegally Foreclosing on Servicemembers’ Homes


        “Those who serve in our military deserve zealous representation of their rights,” said U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes. “We are working to ensure that servicemembers whose homes were illegally foreclosed on by Northwest Trustee receive up to $125,000 in compensation.

        DOJ suing Northwest Trustee Services for illegally foreclosing on veterans

        Bellevue Company To Pay $750,000 Over Illegal Foreclosures

        Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. was accused of illegally foreclosing on a veteran’s home, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.


        Feds settle with Bellevue company that illegally foreclosed on servicemembers’ homes


        The complaint filed last year alleged that Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

        According to the Justice Department, servicemembers who had their homes illegally closed upon may receive compensation of $125,000, up to $750,000 in total.

        “Before entering into receivership, Northwest described itself as a full-service trustee company providing foreclosure services to mortgage lenders in the Western United States.”

        “The loss of a home is a devastating blow for anyone – but far worse for active duty service members often called to war zones far from Western Washington,” U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes said in a news release. “Our investigation revealed that Northwest Trustee Services repeatedly failed to comply with laws that are meant to ensure our servicemembers do not have to fight a two front war – one on behalf of all of us, and the other against illegal foreclosures.”

        Prosecutors and Pot: Annette Hayes — US Attorney for Western District of Washington


        Hayes took over for Jenny Durkan (Seattle’s current mayor) as the Acting US Attorney for the Western District of Washington in October 2014.

        Has America ever had a more crazed mayor than Seattle’s Jenny Durkan?

        Seattle U.S. Attorney Annette Hayes to step down


        Spokane US Attorney Mike Ormsby among those asked to resign


        Steven’s County, Washington: How Guardians from the Washington State Bar Disciplinary Officers are given a license to steal from Washington State’s most vulnerable adults


        KHQ: Former Washington State Bar Association president charged with theft, identity theft


        Spokane attorney Robin Haynes is youngest ever to be named state bar association president Witherspoon Kelley associate plans to promote diversity within industry


        Spokane attorney to enter felony diversion programHaynes to forego practice for five years




        Veterans under guardianship


        Veterans for Guardianship and Probate Reform, S.P.C.


        U.S. Attorneys Listing

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