2016 01 16 Illegal Judicial Benefits, Court Corruption & Coercive Confinement of Richard I Fine: Full Disclosure Network

Illegal Judicial Benefits, Court Corruption & Coercive Confinement of Court Critic Richard I Fine: Full Disclosure Network® Special Cable TV Series Video Preview (10 min) The Full Disclosure Network® is releasing on the Internet, a ten minute video preview from a new cable TV series covering the extraordinary circumstances of the “coercive confinement” of Attorney Richard I. Fine. The series addresses the Issues raised by California legislation SBX 211 enacted in February 2009 that provided retroactive immunity from prosecution to all California Superior Court Judges and County officials who authorized illegal payments to the Judges. Full Disclosure Network® presents a ten minute video preview from the first two segments of a just released, cable television and Internet series entitled Judicial Benefits & Court Corruption. This on-going series covers the extraordinary circumstances of Richard I. Fine who unsuccessfully attempted to disqualify Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Yaffe from presiding over his 2008 contempt trial. (BS109420 Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Assn. vs County of Los Angeles). Fine was sentenced by Yaffe on March 4, 2009 to what is described as “coercive confinement” for an indefinite period of time, without bail… Read More

Probate Mafia How Judges Rob us of Justice, Rights and Money

Probate Mafia American Judges robing the public of rights law and justice

America is being robbed by judges who whore themselves out to anyone willing to pay VIOLATING LAW AND RIGHTS, IGNORING DUE PROCESS The scam is simple and has been going on for decades. Connected dirty lawyers make back room deals with corrupt judges (who are often law school friends or worked together for a law firm). What this begins is a totally illegal process that is hidden behind courtroom walls and sealed records. Made legal because it happened before a judge, who did not stop it or object. Perjury, fraud, embezzlement even over medicating with heavy duty psychotropic medications (which are known to cause death) are legally administered. Not only that, legal wills, power of attorney, trusts, (any legal document) are ignored or overturned by the judge. WHY? Because there’s zero accountability of prosecution, so as the saying goes “When the cat is away the mouse will play”. These crime scenes (courtrooms) are free to do as they wish and, certainly, they break all the rules. Should you question the court’s action, get involved at great legal expense to expose what’s going on or try and help the victim, you’ll… Read More

Support this Bill to GET JUSTICE for ALL COURT VICTIMS Nationwide

Support this Dr Richard I Fine Los Angeles County California Corrupt Members ignore judicial corruption victims

History of SBX 211 and AB 2960 SBX 2 11 Commencing in the mid to late 1980s California Counties and State Superior Courts began paying State Superior Court judges (Trial Court judges) payments in addition to their State Compensation. These payments were called “Supplemental or Local Judicial Benefit Payments” (payments). California Constitution, Article VI, Section 19, required Judicial State Compensation could only be set by the California Legislature. The payments were held to violate the California Constitution in Sturgeon v. County of Los Angeles, 167 Cal.App.4th 630 (2008), Review Denied, 2009). In response, the California Legislature approved and Governor Schwarzenegger signed SBX 2 11 on February 20, 2009, Effective May 20, 2009: (1) allowing the payments to continue in Section 2 and adding such as Section 68220 to the California Government Code; (2) defining the payments to include salary, compensation, benefits 401K and 457K plans in Section 3 and adding such as Section 68221 to the California Government Code; (3) stating nothing in SBX 2 11 requires the Judicial Council to pay for judicial benefits or previous benefits in Section 4 and adding such as Section 68222 to the California… Read More

Bexar County Texas Courthouse Corruption How to Bribe a Judge by Brian Collister

Bexar County Courtroom Corruption Texas How to Bribe a Judge by Brian Collister

HOW TO BRIBE A JUDGE BEXAR COUNTY TEXAS You’ve never heard an interview like this! Investigative Reporter Brian Collister gets a disgraced San Antonio Texas judge who went to federal prison for taking a bribe to talk publicly before about the details of his criminal case. Angus McGinty went from being a state district criminal court judge to a convicted felon, so why did he do it? Hear the former judge explain what happened in his case and describe the night FBI agents showed up at his house and told him they’d caught him on wiretaps as he was bribed by an attorney who wanted more favorable outcomes for his court cases. McGinity was the only judge prosecuted in a wide-ranging federal investigation into corruption at the Bexar County courthouse, but during this podcast the names of other judges, and bribes they allegedly took, will be revealed for the first time! Be sure to visit their page and listen to the podcasts at: https://investigativenetwork.org/ Read More


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