Court Victim Your Community Getting Started for Court Victims

BECAUSE WE CAN’T WIN THE WAR ALONE, AGAINST CORRUPTION, JUDICIAL ABUSE AND A FRAUDULENT LEGAL SYSTEM THAT OPERATES ILLEGALLY BEHIND A FALSE IMAGE OF JUSTICE VIA UNDESERVED AND STOLEN IMPUNITY Goals and benefits: Provide your info once. Network, share, support fellow court victims who are part of the same community. Take control of your communications and information. The community is about court victims, their security and protection come first. We are offshore hosted and protected by a secure domain and country that supports freedom of speech. We don’t take down information about abusers because US law is not in effect in Iceland, where we’re hosted. No more “You violated Community standards” by a social media platform where you are not actually part of that community. You are the community here and have the right to vote for those rights, rules and forward progress. You have control over who you network with and how much info they’re able to see. No more giving out your email address only to be added with or without your permission to mass email groups where anyone can obtain your private email. We provide a safe… Read More