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        Good Day to All,

        It’s approximately two years ago that my Probate case in Alameda County was
        commenced and completed. It does not happen often. My Father and Mother have both
        passed away (2021 & 2022), but would you believe I’m back in Probate Court….unbelievable.
        Due to a family member who wants to be greedy, my nephew. 
        I’m inviting you all to join us on Zoom for our hearing, Friday Dec. 23, at 9:30am pst.
        I would appreciate your support. My case number is: RP22129970.
        I have not located the Zoom link as of yet. My hearing is in Dept 202, Judge Sandra Bean.
        This is a conflict of interest because I had her before and I do plan to move the venue, if this doesn’t work out on Friday. The behavior has been interesting already.
        There is the possibility of my family working this out.
        Well I hope you can join the hearing and I’ll see you on Zoom.
        When I receive the Zoom link, I will email you all.
        I requested it today by email, but no response from Dept. 202.
        If any of you locate the link, please send it my way.
        We have to make changes in Alameda County!
        Venus Gist
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