2023 01 31 Avoiding the issue of the health of Inmate Roger Hillygus

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        To the WCBOC:

        Here it is the evening of 1/31/23 with no response from any of you five. Inconsiderate doesn’t even begin to describe your non actions regarding the declining health of my friend, co-defendant and inmate at Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility. Why even be a person in a position of political stature in my county when you don’t even have the common decency to address my statements or anyone else’s who has brought the facts to the table of the inhumane and unconstitutional treatment of Roger Hillygus? Trust me, folks, this situation is gaining momentum by the day if not hour by those people, across this country, who WILL do something to address this awful and serious situation and WILL throw shade on those who had the opportunity and standing TO DO something and chose not to. And that includes the five of you! Either stop this ongoing situation and take a stand or step away from your respective positions and let someone of integrity, morals and ethics do your JOBS!! It’s that simple!! I’m more than disgusted knowing that all of you have received correspondences from numerous people who are deeply concerned about Roger’s health and yet nothing but crickets! This situation isn’t going away, Commissioners and it’s only going to heat up as each day goes by….trust me there! You all have truly no idea what damaging information is being kept under lock and key until it’s the right time to launch it nationwide!

        Stewart Evans Handte


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