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        Fabricated indictments
        based on false and insufficient evidence
        presented to grand juries by
        prosecutors, police, and judges
        who cover for each other while
        abusing the juries’ ignorance of the law and
        untrained and uncritical judgment

        Why time is of the essence for the proposed
        unprecedented citizens hearings
        to expose them.


        Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
        Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
        M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
        D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris
        New York City,,


        1. This is a call by a grand juror lawyer to abusees, class action lawyers, and investigative journalists, to join forces to expose those public officers who have participated in the fabrication of indictments and/or its cover-up, including

        a. former Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, former acting Chief Judge Anthony Cannataro; Administrative Justice Alvin Yearwood; et al.;

        b NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau Chief Miguel Iglesias and Commissioner Edward Caban;

        c. former police captain and current NY City Mayor Eric Adams; and

        d. NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and his county counterparts.
        2. Since 28 May 2022, numerous public officers have been informed by letter and email of the fabricated indictments. The emails are collected hereunder and their addressees’ email addresses are in the bloc of addresses below. Nevertheless, the officers have failed to even reply to them.


        3. Their failure reveals:

        a. implicit or explicit coordination of dereliction of duty to investigate allegations of wrongdoing and enforce the law;

        b. obstruction of the administration of justice;

        c. denial of honest services to be rendered through the exercise of the public power entrusted to them;

        d. deprivation of liberty and property of those falsely accused of committing a crime, who incur expense to make bail, lose their jobs, and suffer reputational impairment by having a criminal record;

        e. deprivation of the right to be a member of a grand jury;

        f. complicity in a cover-up to ensure reciprocal protection: ‘I don’t investigate you and you don’t investigate me’; and

        g. their running of the judiciary for their gain and convenience as a racketeering enterprise in violation of the Enterprise Corruption Law, NY Consolidated Laws, Penal Law-PEN §460; and the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO; 18 USC §1961).
        4. The exposure of coordinated abuse of power, public unaccountability, and need for justice system reform can turn those issues into decisive ones of the presidential debates, the primaries, and the general election campaign. It can inform and outrage the national public, who can as a result, shout self-assertively the MeToo!-like rallying cry:

        Enough is enough!
        We won’t take any abuse by anybody anymore.


        5. An informed and outraged public can incentivize the holding of the proposed unprecedented citizens hearings. They are to be held by journalists, media outlets, IT experts, and journalism, law, and IT students, professors, and schools. Broadcast over the Internet, the citizens hearings will afford deponents the opportunity to tell the story of the abuse that they have suffered or witnessed -see the two-phase method for writing your story-. Thus informing and outraging state and national audiences, the hearings will encourage ever more people to tell their story. A self-reinforcing process will develop.


        6. The citizens hearing can give rise from the start of the coming academic year to both a multidisciplinary academic and business investigation; and the development of a national civic movement. Both will contribute to implementing a plan of action.

        a. To include the holding of the unprecedented citizens hearings in the agenda of the many student organizations and societies that will exhibit their program during the “Organizations Fair” week at the beginning of the academic program, Time is of the Essence!
        7. The plan is aimed to spark the formation of a powerhouse that compels politicians, lest they be voted out of, or not into, office, to take judicial system expository, compensatory, and reformative action. That powerhouse can grow so strong as to bring about transformative change in American society and government to carry out the will of the sovereign source of all public power in a democracy: We the People.


        8. This is the most propitious time to respond to the call to join forces because the national public is receptive to it and resentful of public abuse of power and unaccountability:

        a. justices of the U.S. Supreme Court have been exposed for illegal and unethical conduct and public trust in the Court has plummeted;

        b. the judicial treatment of President Biden’s son and former President Trump has sparked criticism of double judicial standards and the politization of the Department of Justice; and

        c. the current electoral season will allow politicians, whether principled or opportunistic, to turn judicial abuse, unaccountability, and reform into the distinguishing issues of their platform in an effort to earn public recognition as the People’s Champion of Justice.

        9. I respectfully offer you and your colleagues and guests to make via video conference or, if in New York City, in person, a presentation on how to join forces to expose those who fabricate indictments, demand collective compensation for the abusees, and pursue judicial reform; followed by a Questions & Answers session.


        I look forward to hearing from you.


        Dare cry “I accuse!”…You may trigger history and enter it



        Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
        2165 Bruckner Blvd.
        Bronx, New York City, USA 10472-6506
        Judicial Discipline Reform
        tel. 1(718)827-9521 , ,

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