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        RE: What do you do when your life and livelihood are on the line?
        Dear FCLU,
        I need your help.

        My divorce case has spiraled out of control, and I’m unsure what I can
        do to protect my settlement. My spouse has taken unilateral control
        over everything that we own, and I’ve paid two retainers, but both
        lawfirms have rufused to either prepare documents correctltly or
        prepare them at all so that I am able to sign them. I am not allowed
        to speak inside of the courtroom on my behalf.

        What should I do if a statement within my documents are false, and my
        attorney refuse to correct the documents? If I do not understand
        something, and my attorneys will not explain, merely telling me to
        trust them, what should I do? I am uncomfortable signing documents
        with untrue and unclea. My attorneys are unwilling to address these
        concerns. What should my course of action be?

        My previous attorneys were unwilling to take actions that I requested.
        I asked my previous attorneys to prepare the necessary documents which
        would preserve the status quo, allow me to regain access to our
        finances, home computer, and all other marital accounts, including
        reinforcement of an agreed order.

        My current attorney’s office prepared well written documents/petitions
        for my case. My attorney’s office asked me to add and correct
        information within the documents if needed. I sent my edits and
        corrections back to my attorneys as requested. First, the documents
        lingered at my attorneys office. Then, when my attorney’s office
        finally sent the documents back to me for my signature, however, there
        were statements within the documents which prevented me from signing
        such as,
        a. There was no clarity provided for the items that I do not
        b. The items which were untrue are not corrected
        c. There were important items which were in the original version
        unaccounted for

        I do not understand why or how this is happening given I have paid
        retaiers to two lawfirms. Now i don’t have access to money to pay a
        third retainer.

        Each time I provide my edits and questions for the same document to my
        attorney’s office, my questions and edits are ignored and I keep
        repeating the same cycle of emailing back and forth over and over and
        over again. Therefore, I am unable to sign their documents which is
        delaying my petions from getting filed. This is ongoing, and could
        cause me to lose everything In my divorce case which will gravely
        effect my overall life, specifically my financial well being.

        I am assertive and advocate for my financial well-being, while showing
        both law firms the utmost respect. However, when I did not agree on
        some items, this led to both attorneys becoming hostile, using harsh
        tones and disrespectful language. The attorneys threatened to withdraw
        if I do not trust them without asking questions.

        My husband, Dr. Madison Samle was given months without legal
        discipline to dissipate, transfer, conceal, withdraw, and hide
        millions in our finances including crypto currency. He earns a minimun
        of $48,000 per month as an anesthesiologist. I am currently completely
        cut off and being financially strangled by him. I filed a Pro Se
        motion in june, begging the courts to stop the financial and emotional
        abuse that my husband is inflicting upon me. My Pro Se motion provided
        no relief.

        My spouse reported a false income of $12,000 per month to the courts.
        Then, a motion to Force the Marital Home Sale was filed by my
        husband’s attorney stating that Madison cannot afford the mortgage. My
        spouse also asked the Judge to award control over the proceeds of the
        sale to be held by his own attorney. It is impossible to build a
        $3,000,000 dollar house earning $12,000 per month. How do I get my
        attorney to file a motion to dismiss given everyone involved knows
        that Madison earns a minimum of $48,000 per month not including our
        investments?(see income attached)

        I believe his pornography addiction has led him to squandering money
        on hotels for sex workers, while I’ve had to apply for a SNAP welfare
        card to help me buy groceries.

        I have information to support my husband is concealing finances in
        overseas accounts and is planning to flee the country soon leaving me

        I am experiencing what women experience in some countries where women
        have absolutley no rights. I despartley need your help immediately.

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