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        Sadly some of the public is foolish  enough to believe Facebook is honest. They forget history that Zuckerberg abused the dishonest court system to cheat the creators of the concept.

        Then there was the private data selling.

        The censorship of the Hunter Biden Laptop story which would have lost Biden the election. Which still today is censored.

        There is other election fraud and manipulation  by Zuckerberg as well.

        The computer driven control only frustrates users and stops the flow of honest sharing. I witnessed an honest page “Police the police” disappear which had millions of users built up of years of work. Nothing on that site was false. It was all factual posts from real news articles backing up views. It did expose how corrupt police are. So I guess Zuckerberg wanted to kiss some ass so in a few key strokes Facebook deleted over 600 pages that exposed corruption. But Zuckerberg has a history  of crime, dishonesty and fraud. He tries to buy love by donating (bribing people and organizations). Sadly even that comes back via deserved Karma.

        He lost over half his wealth due to the lack of intelligence he never had. Sure he can code as well as he steals concepts and companies. He’s not a competitor instead he buys who ever threatens Facebook.

        Oh and while it’s well known the world agrees he’s the most hated person on earth and a big majority of users deactivate their accounts every day his solution as usual is cowardly. He changed the name to a flopped concept “Meta”.

        He’s hated in Hawaii  for his dishonest, court abusing tactic to steal land. Why would a good family need 14 body guards?

        Qwll knowing all that we try to believe Facebook is good but on a regular basis I’ve noticed FB blocking me when I post to my 20-40 pages and groups. I’m admin and creator of these groups but if I share one post to all of them FB sees it as spam. Against Community  Standards. Another fake front lie because none of the millions of users are part of any Facebook community. It’s facebooks cronies and Zuckerberg’s Community.

        The restrictions are punishment via stopping you from sharing valid posts plus the mind games of constantly forcing password changes even if there NEVER was and security breech or problem.

        Try to appeal or disagree most likely some third world person who is told not to judge but just go by a written game plan to deny.

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