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        A rather significant divide has developed based on what people see as the core problem here. Is this simply a glitch in governance which government can and will fix? Or is what we have experienced evidence of something much deeper and darker?

        Let’s run over what we know—

        Legislators pass laws. According to “The Way Things Sposed to Be,” the executive then enforces the laws, which are also honored by the judiciary.

        Except this is not what is happening, is it? In fact, legislators pass laws which are either ignored by law enforcement, or, if it suits their desires, selectively enforced. Judges, as we have seen, are given a full pass to completely ignore the laws or to –again–utilize them selectively. The selectivity in enforcement rarely benefits our loved ones.

        Upon realizing that our rights and the rights of our loved ones are being ignored, most of us have tread a similar path. We march up the food chain, and go to the FBI, DOJ, States Attorney etc etc. And we find again, that these entities do not enforce the existing laws and will not engage with us.

        Sometimes legislators will agree to “help.” But truthfully, what help is provided by new laws when existing laws are clearly ignored?

        Based on these experiences, we are confronted with a choice. We can either keep banging on doors which are either non responsive or ultimately useless, or we can step back and re evaluate the landscape.

        In doing so, some of us have come to rather disturbing conclusions. Our system of laws does not work. And it does not work NOT due to some glitch in the laws but due to underground guidelines (otherwise known as secret playbooks) which are now running the show.

        Due to this perception, some of us have chosen a rather different path. Instead of repeatedly knocking on unresponsive or duplicitous doors, we have chosen to expose rather than to engage. Expose the wrongdoers, expose those who are failing to honor the law and to take on the  sometimes difficult and unrewarding work of educating the public. At some point in time, and it is getting closer every day, enough people will realize that they have been given the shaft and change will then of necessity come.

        Or you can keep working to pass new laws and ask the DOJ to enforce them. And how is that working out?

        Wishing everyone a happy holiday,

        Janet Phelan

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