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      Avatar photoBob

        My nane is hubert allen i have been a party in a probate court case since 10/7/2010 in the los angeles superior probate court case number # bp124980 related cases bc352001 & bc404989 a must SEE the judge in department # 9 reva g gotez and others have allowed lawyers to steal millions from the trust the banks attorneys have committed perjury and a crime against the court filed numerous petitions declared under PENALTY of perjury that everything said was true and correct this has …
        Hubert A. 06-09-2016

        I worked to get Richard Fine out of jail. They are doing the same thing to me with Double Jeopardy, perjured testimony, illegal prosecutor and lots of SLAPP. Read the 2003 DOJ Agreement with the LAPD, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte and many more then go to George Buzzetti-You Tube to video lafa7c to minute 23:10 and watch my lips move and listen to the L.A. City Council. Removing the audio ILLEGALLY is a P.C. 132 a FELONY with no “Statute of Limitations.”
        George B. 10-22-2016

        My name is Alvaro C. Rodriguez, I am a victim of fraud and deceit by members of the legal profession and have uncovered a “fraudulent scheme of public corruption” better known as a “fraud on the court.” Verifiable Facts – On June 22, 2016 a Motion to Recall a Mandate and “Set Aside a Judgment for Fraud on the Court” was filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Ninth Cir. No. 12-15938 Alvaro Rodriguez v. State of California. The case is currently under Review and pending when last chec…
        Alvaro R. 08-28-2017

        I have been directly effected by the wide spread corruption in Orange County Probate Court. The California Courts and state bar association are running a criminal racketeering operation adversely effecting untold numbers of lives and encompassing many billions of dollars. When our judicial system has been corrupted, then our whole Constitutional Republic has been placed at dire risk. It’s past time for our leaders to act, before it’s to late.
        Bruce C. 09-20-2017

        Need Help! Please! have more than enough evidence of corruption by family court system in San Diego.
        Sky K. 12-20-2017

        Stop the proven corruption @WellsFargo targeted fragile babyboomer homeowner tree us on St illigally w their scam home modification WFB R criminal slavery minded not worried from judge Gov wf stole our residence
        Nadia N. 12-08-2018

        I am also a victim of the corrupted court systems of California. I am suing 3 justices of Court of Appeal, a judge and a commissioner of Superior Court
        Philippe Z. 02-04-2019

        I am a victim of corruption. My property was unlawfully foreclosed abd the Courts did nothing to stop it despute the conclusive evidence. Stealing peoples houses is a crime that must be stopped. Stop the judicial corruption and protect the judicial integrity.
        Dolores Y. 02-26-2019

        My mother’s legacy, our inheritance, stolen from us through superior court Los Angeles the attorneys took 47,000.00, the appellate lawyer took 10,000.00 and didn’t do anything for us that is just the tip of the iceberg! Now im having to fight to get back what was rightfully ours to begin with it is going on 3 years!
        Darla M. 04-19-2019

        Cr1802626- help superior court ruled that mirranda rights , speedy trial rights and title 17; calibration and maintaince dont apply in my case and i only touched the fog line with right side tires ….please help
        Kimber w. 05-11-2019

        Donald F Gaffney took my son away from me based in lies and his ignorance and inability to follow California law, the rules of the court, and judicial ethics. He worked my ex’s attorney and had my husband served with a restraining order from another county and then denied having any involvement while walking into court 15 minutes late stating he had a “parent-teacher conference” but he has no children. He was referring to his part in having my husband served and watching the deputy he sent ou…
        Amy S. 10-07-2019

        Need to stop corruption this affects all of us kids grand kids and your wife exedra I am now going through a divorce and that there are family court this is gone on for too long all I do is keep responding the court dates out of the court so the courts don’t get recorded its very corrupt Update use temporary restraining orders from talking to my wife All they do this for so keep the money rolling in their pockets I’m catching a cat I’m caught in a catch-22 and don’t know what to do Madera Cou…
        Mario c. 07-29-2019

        Please stop the abuse of the Orange County Family Courts. I raised my step son from birth up until 4 1/2 years old as my own along with his older brother in my home and in less than two months Orange County Judge Donald F Gaffney illegally changed custody during an ex parte hearing granting sole custody to his bio-dad. The same judge also invited he and his attorney to press charges of child abduction with the OC DA’s Child Abduction Unit after denying their Motion to Compel for Compliance. …
        Chris S. 05-25-2019


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