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Who we are?
We are all victims volunteering our time, efforts and funds to create a safe place to network, share and support one another. We are NOT providing legal advise, we can share our experiences with the legal system and what we did. We can help you find other victims in your area, state or county. It’s to all victims advantage to work with other victims near you. To prove a pattern of abuse, to help discover what works and what does not.

What we offer
Note the site is divided into two specific sections for different reasons and purpose. Do you want the world to find out what has been done to you and find others? Do you want to only share with other victims you know? That is where Public and Private areas differ.
Which means just that, what ever you share in this area is made public and will be found by search engines. This is some that can help you if you know what to share and how. For many of us we know it does not matter what you share as long as it’s true. False statements or perjury is not allowed plus may put you in danger of legal action. The goal here is to get the names of those who abused, cheated, violated or robbed you via the court system indexed by search engines so when other victims Google those names they find your story and will have notice. They can then discreetly find you without providing your identity with which you decide if you want contact. Imagine finding out you’re not alone and the same judge, lawyer, social worker, government agency etc. has done what they did to you has done it to others?

This is where you can share more info about your case or identity as this area is only available to vetted* users. You can share as much or as little as you wish. This area is protected and not indexed by search engines. Victims can share documents, names, tactics and plans. Network, support and share without some security and protections.

We offer private messaging

You don’t have to constantly log on or check the site as it has the ability for you to subcribe to your favorite posts, groups or info and get email notifications of activity.

if you don’t see one you need or want let us know and we’ll create one.
Please use the approved format Country>State>County (Don’t use City before County if a county exists)

Victims need to stay up to date as to what is happening in your area or on the national level, as we gather email addresses we want to allow victims the option to get news, info and links to support and networking changes. Your email will be protected and NOT part of a group email where everyone gets to see your email address

We will be adding VIDEO LIVE and other features soon so if you have an idea or concept you want added please let us know

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