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HOW TO GET STARTED USING THE COMMUNITY STEP ONE 1. Login by clicking on “LOGIN” top right of your screen 2. Once you log in, you will see your name top right (SEE A ABOVE). By clicking on your name you will see a drop down for the options. 3. Click on the option you wish to access (SEE B ABOVE). Click on one 4. There should also be a QUICK ACCESS Bar Bottom Right. The main concept and use of this site are: Groups, your own or others Forum, your own or others where you can choose to have the contents public (the world is able to find them) or private (where only those you invite can see them. REGISTER HERE MAKE SURE YOU FIND FRIENDS (MEMBERS) AND SEND INVITES. Make sure to accept invites of other members to get started Just like other social media sites, you can post content, text, photos or even links (URL’s) to news stories, documents or photos. The difference between Forums and Groups is forums can be organized by topics which can be specific things, for example a specific problem, judge, lawyer, person,… Read More



Court Victim Your Community for court victims what we offer

These rules may change as we vote and grow. 1. Respect for one another in our opinions, words and even when registering. If you think this is a game or attempt to register with false information, disrespectful nicknames or profile names, you may be banned, blocked and removed. 2. There is no reason to attack another user, and attacks of any kind are reason for suspension or removal from our community. You have the option to unfriend, block or ignore. All interaction must be respectful. Even if you don’t agree or believe what a user is stating, you have no right to disrespect them. A better alternative is to post with supportive info, your differing opinion. Everyone has the right to free speech and their opinion, no matter how much it may differ, or you don’t agree with it. 3. Disrespect for the Community (This site and domain name) will not be tolerated. 4. Donations, while currently we have not yet completed our non-profit status or donation process, we will accept donations for upkeep, storage and maintenance. The difference is donations will always be optional, never mandatory. 5. Voting and… Read More


What’s it going to take to unite all Court Victims? One day at a time, one abuse at a time

Join chat court victim and help fight judicial abuse and stop the lawyers

What’s it going to take? They used to say, “Build it, and they will come”. This is a community that is run by its vetted and accepted members because like the image says we live in a nation of frauds. Run by frauds and controlled by frauds. The old “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing” is really used as well is “Don’t like the message, kill the messenger.” For centuries, these old sayings have been used and still are today, probably taught and instilled at major law schools and where our corporate leaders are taught. Welcome to a community of trust, support, and networking are the goal, not censorship, legal firm or pharmaceutical corporation ads or election fraud. Where the users decide on what is found in Google searches. Offshore hosted and protected from shady US courts and laws, free from censorship. Come join us as we start building what should have been done decades ago, but no one else would do it. Join real victims like Dr. Richard I. Fine who really understands the root of the problem. See this page for how to sign up and what’s required, We need… Read More