Welcome to Court Victim (CV) “The Community”. The title says it all. THE GOAL: To help organize the movement for CV’s to network, support and find each other. To offer insights, advice, tips and experiences by members who are organized by STATE and COUNTY/CITY. WHAT THE COMMUNITY OFFERS: PRIVATE AND GROUP MESSAGING: After clicking on the Friend (Member) to message you get options top of screen to call audio, video or text. Plus the option to do a group call via these options GROUPS, FORUMS, ACTIVITY MESSAGES FRIENDSHIP, PROFILE ACCESS BELOW: TOP RIGHT SCREEN ACCESS: BOTTOM RIGHT MESSAGES, FRIENDS GROUPS ACCESS: GROUPS: Social Media Style groups, public, private or secret. Groups can be created, edited and adjusted for who gets to see it. Groups can post videos, audio, documents etc. As you post similar to Facebook the posts drop in order on the page post date and time FORUMS: Threaded, organized discussions, public, private or secret. Forums differ from Groups as they can contain unlimited Topics to organize and event, organization, abuser, case etc. Read More


    The Community for court Victims
    Elderly Lives matter
    Clean Courts Org
    Jail 4 Judges