How to start using Court Victim Community for Court Victims

HOW TO GET STARTED USING THE COMMUNITY STEP ONE 1. Login by clicking on “LOGIN” top right of your screen 2. Once you log in, you will see your name top right (SEE A ABOVE). By clicking on your name you will see a drop down for the options. 3. Click on the option you wish to access (SEE B ABOVE). Click on one 4. There should also be a QUICK ACCESS Bar Bottom Right. The main concept and use of this site are: Groups, your own or others Forum, your own or others where you can choose to have the contents public (the world is able to find them) or private (where only those you invite can see them. REGISTER HERE MAKE SURE YOU FIND FRIENDS (MEMBERS) AND SEND INVITES. Make sure to accept invites of other members to get started Just like other social media sites, you can post content, text, photos or even links (URL’s) to news stories, documents or photos. The difference between Forums and Groups is forums can be organized by topics which can be specific things, for example a specific problem, judge, lawyer, person,… Read More



Court Victim Your Community Getting Started for Court Victims

WELCOME TO COURT VICTIM CHAT We are all actual court victims who have become activists with the goal of bringing together all the court victims in world in one place. To share tactics, abuse stories, names of abusers and locations of the abuse. We’ve joined forces with other activists and victims from the following sites: courtvictim.com Home for all Court Victims, find and list victims, judges, lawyers uglyjudge.com Get your case listed and expose your ugly judges and lawyers cleancourts.org Add your case to the Court Victim nationwide database c4ccUSA.org Join Sherry and Bradford Lund in their efforts to expose court corruption We’re NOT about taking money for our services from fellow victims. Victims need to beware of those who pretend to want to help but once involved will ask, pressure or even demand payment. While we welcome any donation for the upkeep of our offshore hosted websites, this is only voluntary and never expected or mandatory. Victims should be helping other victims, not profiting from them. TON’S OF FEATURES, see the bottom of this page DATA REQUESTED TO REGISTER: Note, the information we ask for when you register will… Read More