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  Getting Verified and what it means? The information you provide is private and secure The information you provide helps us organize your case by city, state, county and country All parties involved deserve to feel secure and know who they’re networking and sharing with. Providing false info is a reason to ban a user by IP address We do not tolerate using fake names, poor taste nicknames. STEP 1 Make sure the info in your profile is accurate. STEP 2 Complete your EXTENDED PROFILE info Read More

STEP 2 Getting your case added

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COMMUNITY BASICS: Once registered you need to find out how to get from place to place: Once logged in a BLACK BAR appears at the top of the page. Note at the TOP RIGHT of of the BAR your name with a “Howdy”. When you HOVER your mouse over this area the CONTROL PANEL appears. CONTROL PANEL (Top right of your page) CONTROL PANEL OPTIONS Activity Personal Mentions Favorites Friends Groups Profile View Edit Change profile picture Change cover image Notifications Unread Read Messages Conversations Starred New conversation Friends Friendships No pending requests Groups Memberships No pending invites Create a group Invitations Send invites Pending invites Forums Topics started Replies created Engagements Favorite topics Subscribed topics Settings General > Update Password Email > General Email settings Export Data > Export all you site data Profile > Profile Visibility Group invites > Groups that sent you invitations Once you’ve registered, you have the following options: 1. Creating a Case file, choose between (this can be changed later) A. Private (only vetted members of the community can see) B. Public (General public, Google (search engines) can find the case 2. There are… Read More


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BECAUSE WE CAN’T WIN THE WAR ALONE, AGAINST CORRUPTION, JUDICIAL ABUSE AND A FRAUDULENT LEGAL SYSTEM THAT OPERATES ILLEGALLY BEHIND A FALSE IMAGE OF JUSTICE VIA UNDESERVED AND STOLEN IMPUNITY Goals and benefits: Provide your info once. Network, share, support fellow court victims who are part of the same community. Take control of your communications and information. The community is about court victims, their security and protection come first. We are offshore hosted and protected by a secure domain and country that supports freedom of speech. We don’t take down information about abusers because US law is not in effect in Iceland, where we’re hosted. No more “You violated Community standards” by a social media platform where you are not actually part of that community. You are the community here and have the right to vote for those rights, rules and forward progress. You have control over who you network with and how much info they’re able to see. No more giving out your email address only to be added with or without your permission to mass email groups where anyone can obtain your private email. We provide a safe… Read More


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