Truth takes over due to social media mass censorship

The world wants the Truth and social media and court victim network offer a non-censored experience

FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM losing the battle due to being highly censored. Meta Freaks out because they’ve been exposed as the most corrupt, dangerous, censored platform on earth. The world wants X because they want the truth. Other platforms have trolls who will call out anyone sharing this info as “Wackos” or other cancel words via baseless lies and fake news. The numbers are in and X is where everyone is going. Elon Musk is like other billionaires who are not bought out like some scum who stole their concepts and got rich off dishonest practices like selling user data and helping pedophiles abuse children via their dangerous platforms Don’t believe the fake news, made up numbers that Google searches find the goal is to shut X down to stop the world from getting the real facts on places like Israel and Ukraine. Now the criminals and Terrorist countries can’t hide their crimes. THIS IS HOW IT STARTS: Twitter bans posting of handles and links to Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon and more Read More

Getting Verified

Court Victim Community Get Verifiied

  Getting Verified and what it means? The information you provide is private and secure The information you provide helps us organize your case by city, state, county and country All parties involved deserve to feel secure and know who they’re networking and sharing with. Providing false info is a reason to ban a user by IP address We do not tolerate using fake names, poor taste nicknames. STEP 1 Make sure the info in your profile is accurate. STEP 2 Complete your EXTENDED PROFILE info Read More


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