FBI Director Christopher Wray ignored Corruption Get BAR members OUT of Government or Any Public Service

FBI Director Christopher Wray Lawyer ignores judicial corruption victims

Millions of Court Victims are ignored by the FBI when they report Judicial Corruption It’s not rocket science when you consider that lawyers are in an organized gang (the American Legal BAR). They swear an oath as well. It’s common knowledge that if a lawyer exposes its own BAR members for corruption, crimes, bribery or abuse, they are disbarred. See Dr. Richard I. Fine Why is this? Same as the US government lies to us and claims we have whistleblower protection laws, try using these laws, they are useless. Look at Julian Assange, Edward Snowden both who exposed government crimes, violation of laws, rights and murder. It’s common that America has an epidemic of Judicial Corruption, mainly Judges accepting Bribes. Several investigative journalists have exposed exactly how the funds get to the judges and how dirty lawyers arrange hidden court chamber deals to throw cases, rule against the innocent and weaponize our courts to steal, lie cheat and even murder people How to Bribe a Judge Janet Phelan How to Bribe a Judge Brian Collister The government, FBI, DOJ and other agencies ignore any evidence and seem to ignore anyone… Read More