What This Court Case Really Signified. Do We Have the Right to Exist? By Janet C. Phelan

Every now and then, there is a blip on the political radar so vast and significant that our attention freezes on it. Some of these blips require some sort of explanation—and some of the official explanations—like for the Kennedy and King assassinations of the sixties, like for the events of September 11—produce an entire subculture involved in shredding the official explanations. Others, however, do not generate Warren Reports, etc. because there is simply no explanation possible. While these events may indeed get some media coverage, they are generally relegated to positions “below the fold” and little explanation or commentary is given. In the spirit of further examining one such event, which spanned a number of years but wound its way to a legal—that is, an “official”—conclusion in 2021, this article will attempt to further highlight the significance of a court case involving Bilal Abdul Kareem. If your gut response to his name is to think that he is some Middle Eastern goatherd or a Gitmo detainee, you should know right off the bat that Kareem is US born and bred. He was born in New York—his birth name was Darrell… Read More


FBI Director Christopher Wray ignored Corruption Get BAR members OUT of Government or Any Public Service

FBI Director Christopher Wray Lawyer ignores judicial corruption victims

Millions of Court Victims are ignored by the FBI when they report Judicial Corruption It’s not rocket science when you consider that lawyers are in an organized gang (the American Legal BAR). They swear an oath as well. It’s common knowledge that if a lawyer exposes its own BAR members for corruption, crimes, bribery or abuse, they are disbarred. See Dr. Richard I. Fine Why is this? Same as the US government lies to us and claims we have whistleblower protection laws, try using these laws, they are useless. Look at Julian Assange, Edward Snowden both who exposed government crimes, violation of laws, rights and murder. It’s common that America has an epidemic of Judicial Corruption, mainly Judges accepting Bribes. Several investigative journalists have exposed exactly how the funds get to the judges and how dirty lawyers arrange hidden court chamber deals to throw cases, rule against the innocent and weaponize our courts to steal, lie cheat and even murder people How to Bribe a Judge Janet Phelan How to Bribe a Judge Brian Collister The government, FBI, DOJ and other agencies ignore any evidence and seem to ignore anyone… Read More


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