What’s it going to take to unite all Court Victims? One day at a time, one abuse at a time

Join chat court victim and help fight judicial abuse and stop the lawyers

What’s it going to take? They used to say, “Build it, and they will come”. This is a community that is run by its vetted and accepted members because like the image says we live in a nation of frauds. Run by frauds and controlled by frauds. The old “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing” is really used as well is “Don’t like the message, kill the messenger.” For centuries, these old sayings have been used and still are today, probably taught and instilled at major law schools and where our corporate leaders are taught. Welcome to a community of trust, support, and networking are the goal, not censorship, legal firm or pharmaceutical corporation ads or election fraud. Where the users decide on what is found in Google searches. Offshore hosted and protected from shady US courts and laws, free from censorship. Come join us as we start building what should have been done decades ago, but no one else would do it. Join real victims like Dr. Richard I. Fine who really understands the root of the problem. See this page for how to sign up and what’s required, We need… Read More


Freedom Enough Call-in Radio Show Podcast Legal Expert Voluntaryist Alexander Baker

Freedom Enough Sunday Call-in Radio Show Podcast Legal Expert Voluntaryist Alexander Baker

Freedom Enough New Sunday Call-in Radio Show and Podcast with Legal Expert and Voluntaryist Alexander Baker I am pleased to announce my new Sunday call-in talk show. (Call-in numbers below). From the Supreme Court down to Family Court, you have no rights and there is no law. Let’s talk about how we were screwed over in court, and what we need to do about this whole situation. If you are interested in being a featured guest, contact me.zz Who: Alexander C. Baker, J.D. – your legal expert. What: Freedom Enough. Abolishing the government…one conversation at a time. When: Sundays 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific / 7 PM GMT Where: Speak Free Radio Where else: Streaming on Facebook and Twitter Why: Because you want to be free. Speak Free Radio – Call-in numbers: US +1 605 562 0400 (More US numbers: 605-475-4120 | 605-562-8400 | 605-562-8401 | 712-832-8330 | 712-832-8599 | 717-275-8940) UK +44 333 011 0616 Australia +61 8 95203110 Belgium +32 2 808 76 34 Canada +1 587 405 1252 Finland +358 9 74790416 Germany +49 211 95987102 Hungary +36 1 848 0439 Ireland +353 1 437… Read More


HELP Stop the forced Dangerous Haldol Drugging of a Mother fighting for her children

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein drugged to death

NY MOM IMPRISONED & KIDS TAKEN FOR SPEAKING OUT AGAINST COVID, PEDOPHILIA,  AND JUDICIAL CORRUPTION Lizzie’s Story: My name is Lizzie and on June 25, 2020 at the age of 24, I was diagnosed with stage 2b Invasive Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Breast cancer has always been thought of as “an older woman’s cancer” but the fact of the matter is, thats simply not true any more. More and more women under 40 are being diagnosed every day, but you won’t see us on the Making Strides posters. The idea that “someone in their 20’s can’t get breast cancer” is dangerous and antiquated. I started a blog to help raise awareness and support for young women like me who are receiving this life altering diagnosis. No one is alone and together we can find a cure! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Making strides Against Breast Cancer/American Cancer Society, as well as be used to cover accumulating medical expenses and bills Your generosity means the WORLD to me. Days after they ran my story, there was a mysterious house fire in my rental home at 5am, and… Read More