From Steven G. Erickson

From Steven G. Erickson


Nationwide Problem: Imagine having millions of dollars stolen from you by banksters and judges. Imagine being put in prison to shut you up. Imagine having guns put to your head by law enforcement threatening your life if you report the judge (a thief) and banksters (a den of thieves, OpEd News Article)

Richard H. talks about his experiencing the above:

I called and emailed US Senator Leahy, Congressman Peter Welch, and Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Judicial Corruption, Bankster, and Atty Fine issues. I contacted Judicial Reform activists around the country. I emailed Phil Donahue and plan on calling Ken Burns to ask him how he would raise funds to make a judicial reform documentary. I talked to Ken Burns about 3 weeks ago in New Hampshire and he told me that he has zero interest in doing any video on the US court system, but he did tell me on camera the projects he is interested in pursuing.

I haven’t let the issue of judicial misconduct rest since I started writing letters to the editor in newspapers back in the 1990’s.

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Steven G. Erickson questions Phil Donahue

READ MORE ABOUT SBX 2 11 Signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the TOP Chief Justice Ronald M. George. This is how our public servants abuse authority, steal, lie and cheat

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