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When did you get started in Judicial Corruption?

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        I would have never known about judicial corruption had I not been forced to go to court due to a fraudulent Probate case

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        Avatar photoBrian

          It all started back in 1981 when I was falsely arrested in a case of mistaken identity in Indiana when I walked into a  bank with my mother, and police had been called for some incident that had earlier happened and the crazy cops swarmed all over me and pushed me up against the wall and brutalized me while the bank people were trying to tell them that they had the wrong person.  After they realized the had the wrong person, rather than apologize and let me go, they hit me with a bogus charge to which the judge found me not guilty and chastized the rogue police for doing what they did.  I filed a false arrest and brutality lawsuit and was awarded an out of court settlement, and then after that I couldn’t go to the grocery store without getting falsely arrested and in several instances brutalizes, a total of 10 times in retaliation.  It was a nightmare.

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          Avatar photoBob

            Wow, crazy story. It seems to be a pattern how public servants can never be wrong or questioned, and how they abuse their authority to stop people from exposing them. That seems to be the norm today in the courts. Police should be doing their job, but as we all know, are selective with enforcement. As well, they hire too many control freaks and problem types who abuse the public. The worst of these end up shooting and killing people, which afterward the courts side with them and protect them. Authority needs to be questioned and held liable for their actions or lack of them. Do you have any advice for anyone whose been in your shoes what they can do to stop it?

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