Bexar County Texas Courthouse Corruption How to Bribe a Judge by Brian Collister

Bexar County Courtroom Corruption Texas How to Bribe a Judge by Brian Collister

HOW TO BRIBE A JUDGE BEXAR COUNTY TEXAS You’ve never heard an interview like this! Investigative Reporter Brian Collister gets a disgraced San Antonio Texas judge who went to federal prison for taking a bribe to talk publicly before about the details of his criminal case. Angus McGinty went from being a state district criminal court judge to a convicted felon, so why did he do it? Hear the former judge explain what happened in his case and describe the night FBI agents showed up at his house and told him they’d caught him on wiretaps as he was bribed by an attorney who wanted more favorable outcomes for his court cases. McGinity was the only judge prosecuted in a wide-ranging federal investigation into corruption at the Bexar County courthouse, but during this podcast the names of other judges, and bribes they allegedly took, will be revealed for the first time! Be sure to visit their page and listen to the podcasts at: Read More


The Messiah Gene by Janet Phelan

Janet Phelan The Messiah Gene

By Janet Phelan Human history is littered with examples of people following a political or religious leader into the depths of horrific depravity. Certainly, the twentieth century saw the results of the tendency to obey authority, no matter how cruel or morally reprehensible. Stalin and Hitler’s effects on their countrymen have been cited ad nauseum. As have Pol Pot, the implications of the Milgram experiments and Jonestown. Let’s throw Waco into the pot, as well. Do the disastrous results of January 6 also apply? Do the exhortations to “Mask up,” “Lockdown” and “Follow the Science,” — which turned out to be not science at all but propaganda — also qualify? Remember, if you would that such commands came from both sides of the aisle and from both President Trump and President Biden. It has been said that the country has never been more divided. Abortion rights, immigration policy and financial solvency all take a close second to the post-pandemic arguments as to who was actually responsible for the death toll of the last three years. And these conflicts may just boil down to which leader, which “Messiah” you endorse. Social psychology… Read More


Orange County California COURT WATCHERS NEEDED How the courts rob the Public via Conservatorship/Guardianship

Orange County California Guardianship and Conservatorship Probate courts robbing the public and innocent victims

HOW PROBATE COURTS ROB MILLIONS OF INNOCENT HARD WORKING AMERICAN’S Dear America, We are facing the worst corruption of our courts in decades. Far greater than PA Kids for cash where corrupt judges sent thousands of innocent children to prisons because judges abused their authority and powers. It’s been exposed and hidden by the courts that millions of innocent seniors, disabled and injured victims are being robbed by a lawyer created scam called “Guardianship or Conservatorship”. These legal terms are false definitions of legal actions that in reality strip the victim of all their human rights allowing those who pretend to protect to rob, fleece, extort, steal and even murder for profit. It’s the American Legal BAR’s billion dollar a year scam that is in reality a “wealth transfer” crime. Home are sold for pennies on the dollar by court imposed lawyers, parties and actors who then turn around and sell the properties for full price and stead the profit. Victims have zero rights and are forced into locked facilities, silenced via heavy psychotropic medications that are injected or given via oral medication. The victim is forced to accept a… Read More


Janet Phelan Interview by Retired Major Jeffrey Prather April 13, 2023 3pm Central Time

Interview Jeffrey Prather janet phelan Targeting

Thursday 3 pm CT I will be interviewed on the subject of targeting by (Ret) Major Jeffrey Prather It promises to be a lively show.   You can listen live here “Targeting” is actually a generic term that indicates that a person or group has been singled out for “special treatment.” In the present paradigm, this may indicate advanced forms of retaliation, including the stripping of rights seen in adult guardianships and the grievous harm being inflicted by unconventional weapons Read More


4/14/2023 the US Supreme Court Conference Decides the Future US Judicial System by Deciding this Petition

April 14 is a day of monumental decision for the US Supreme Court: (1) do the justices uphold the 14th Amendment, Supreme Court precedents of over 200 years and the codes of conduct and penal codes by reversing the California Supreme Court and voiding all decisions by state judges and justices who accepted illegal payments from counties or trial courts when they were California State trial court judges; or (2) violate all of the above by denying the unopposed Petition. A denial will effectively destroy the integrity, functioning and respect for the U.S. Judicial System. READ THE PETITION HERE   MORE ON DR. RICHARD I. FINE AND AMEND SBX 2 11 What is Wrong with the County Payments to Judges? TODAY OUR CHOICE IS: (1) VOTE “NO”; or (2) CONTINUE TO LIVE UNDER A CORRUPT JUDICIAL SYSTEM! The Dirty Truth Behind California’s $400 Million of “Supplemental Judicial Benefits” The Campaign for Judicial Integrity Supreme Court of the United States CAROL PULLIAM, Petitioner vs. USC On Petition For A Writ Of Certiorari RICHARD ISAAC FINE SBX 2 11 gave retroactive immunity from California criminal prosecution, civil liability and disciplinary action to… Read More


Supreme Court of the United States CAROL PULLIAM, Petitioner vs. USC On Petition For A Writ Of Certiorari RICHARD ISAAC FINE

Richard I Fine Petition to the Supreme Court of California For A Writ Of Certiorari

“Richard I. Fine Presents the argument against paying County or Court Supplemental or Local Judicial Benefit Payments to Judges, to the US Supreme Court.” ========================================================================================= In The Supreme Court of the United States ——————————— ♦ ——————————— CAROL PULLIAM, Petitioner, vs. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Respondent. ——————————— ♦ ——————————— On Petition For A Writ Of Certiorari To The Supreme Court Of The State Of California ——————————— ♦ ——————————— PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI ——————————— ♦ ——————————— RICHARD ISAAC FINE, ESQ. P.O. Box 789, 1187 Coast Village Rd., Ste. 1 Santa Barbara, CA 93102-0789 Telephone: (310) 622-6900 Email: Counsel for Petitioner Carol Pulliam ================================================================================================== COCKLE LEGAL BRIEFS (800) 225-6964 WWW.COCKLELEGALBRIEFS.COM i QUESTION PRESENTED Do state court trial judges, court of appeal justices and supreme court justices “war against the (United States) Constitution” by denying state litigants Fourteenth Amendment Constitutional due process when each and/or all these judicial officers did not disclose and recuse themselves as required by state law, state Code of Judicial Ethics and/or other state or federal requirements when he/she: (1) currently receives or in the past received payments from: (a) the county currently paying or paid the Respondent for Respondent’s services; and/or… Read More


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