US Supreme Court agrees to hear the case of attorney Richard Fine, a 70 Year Old lawyer languishing in “coercive confinement” after accusing the courts of throwing cases in favor of the county

US Supreme Court agrees to hear the case of attorney Richard Fine, a 70 Year Old lawyer languishing in “coercive confinement” after accusing the courts of throwing cases in favor of the county “The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to consider the case of a 70-year-old taxpayer advocate … While the main issue before the high court is whether a person can be held in coercive confinement for such a long time,” “For the last quarter of 2005, not one case that was decided by a judge of the LA Superior Court was decided against LA County. For the year 2006 to 2007 not one case decided by an LA County Judge was decided against LA County…. So we know that the cases that have come in have basically been thrown” Attorney Richard Fine, telling it like it is REDDIT Attorney Richard Fine, telling it like it is. Richard Fine is still talking about these lieing ass judges and others. MAKING THE DEFINITION OF “FINANCIAL INTEREST” THE SAME FOR ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS, GOVERNMENT AND AGENCY EMPLOYEES AND JUDICIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS AND REQUIRING JUDICIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS TO MAKE LEGALLY… Read More


Richard I. Fine, Prisoner of Conscience

By Alex Alexiev April 27, 2010 8:40 PM On April 23, 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States denied the petition for “stay of execution” (of coercive confinement for civil contempt of court) by attorney Richard I. Fine in the case of Richard Fine v. Leroy Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles County (09-1250). In doing so, the highest court of the land has refused to rectify a clear-cut case of judicial corruption in the state of California. So whose Richard Fine and how did he run afoul of the law? A distinguished attorney with a doctor of law degree from the University of Chicago Law School and a Ph.D. in international law from the London School of Economics, Mr. Fine has practiced law in government service and private practice for 42 years and achieved considerable distinction in both. He has served in the antitrust division of the Justice Department, founded the Anti-Trust Division in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, and was awarded the prestigious “Lawyer of the Decades” award in 2006. He has also won numerous cases on behalf of California taxpayers in state courts, including a 2003… Read More


From Steven G. Erickson

From Steven G. Erickson FROM OPEN EDNEWS.COM Nationwide Problem: Imagine having millions of dollars stolen from you by banksters and judges. Imagine being put in prison to shut you up. Imagine having guns put to your head by law enforcement threatening your life if you report the judge (a thief) and banksters (a den of thieves, OpEd News Article) Richard H. talks about his experiencing the above: I called and emailed US Senator Leahy, Congressman Peter Welch, and Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Judicial Corruption, Bankster, and Atty Fine issues. I contacted Judicial Reform activists around the country. I emailed Phil Donahue and plan on calling Ken Burns to ask him how he would raise funds to make a judicial reform documentary. I talked to Ken Burns about 3 weeks ago in New Hampshire and he told me that he has zero interest in doing any video on the US court system, but he did tell me on camera the projects he is interested in pursuing. I haven’t let the issue of judicial misconduct rest since I started writing letters to the editor in newspapers back in the 1990’s. Submitted… Read More


From Judicial reform activist Joseph Zernik:

From Judicial reform activist Joseph Zernik: The case of Richard Fine was used only as an example. The vast majority of the victims are blacks and Latinos, and about a third of them were estimated to have been still juveniles at the time of their false imprisonment. As quoted in the paper forwarded to you some weeks ago: 1) Reports by PBS in 2001 related to the Rampart scandal investigation (1998-2000) provided various estimates of the number of those who were falsely imprisoned in Los Angeles County as 8,000 to 30,000. 2) an Unofficial report by Prof Erwin Chemerinsky, Founding Dean of the UC Irvine Law School, and renowned constitutional scholar in 2001 stated upon review of the matter: “This is conduct associated with the most repressive dictators and police states… and judges must share responsibility when innocent people are convicted.” 3) Unofficial report by Prof David Burcham, Dean of Loyola Los Angeles Law School in 2001 stated: “…judges tried and sentenced a staggering number of people for crimes they did not commit.” 4) Official report by the Blue Ribbon Review Panel stated in 2006: “Innocent people remain in prison”…. Read More


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