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        Adult Guardianship— Human Trafficking— Case Number: 2016-370,673-GA

        I am an individual who is attempting to resolve concerns of human
        trafficking, as well as of abduction, and intimidation.

        I have included herein my legal annotations.

        You may find documentation which relates to this case herein,
        including the personal details of Alan A. May.

        Alan A. May is the perpetrator of this abuse, and is exploiting his
        vulnerable wards.

        We ask for assistance regarding this human trafficking, and persecution, case.

        We have documented noted abuses of human rights within the Oakland
        County probate system.

        Any individual may find a human trafficking resource regarding Oakland
        County herein:

        We have also attempted to report this issue to the following resource:

        Citizens Commission on Human Rights International

        I am currently living within my own home. I have never experienced
        psychiatric hospitalization, nor have I been convicted of any crimes.
        I continue to select my own medical care, and I do not wish another
        person to choose decisions regarding my life. I am liberally
        anarchist, and I oppose governmental influence. I advocate for
        abolishment of the guardianship system.

        I am requesting to receive social awareness and advocacy to my case.
        I wish to receive investigation into this miscarriage of justice.

        I will pass to you the contact information for a representative from
        the National Association To Stop Guardianship Abuse:

        I wish to make human trafficking and human rights complaints regarding
        guardianship. I would ask to pass these issues to a civil rights, or
        law enforcement, branch.

        I would also ask to submit a civil rights case, and adult protective
        services case, to your offices.

        I am not mentally handicapped. I am fully advocating for this case.


        Persons Seeking Urgent Assistance

        I would ask to receive assistance for the purpose of filing formal
        inquiries, or complaints, via your services.

        I have attempted to contact multiple resources. Guardianship is
        typically immune to the majority of formal cases and complaints.

        I believe that your system is able to file complaints and reports with
        law enforcement.

        I am asking for assistance from your offices because adult
        guardianship is not unlawful. I am trapped fraudulently within a
        lawful adult guardianship.

        I am not physically confined. I am living within my own home.

        This guardianship’s case number is as follows:

        Case Number: 2016-370,673-GA

        I am asking to file a record within your system, because other offices
        are not willing to assist this case. I have repeatedly drawn attention
        to this issue. Guardianship is not unlawful; therefore, this form of
        human trafficking is not addressed.

        No party is willing to actually challenge this case. Due to this
        guardianship case, another person is able to choose my residence,
        consent to medical care, and thieve my Supplemental Security Income

        Additionally, I would ask to submit complaints with your services
        regarding other concerns regarding the guardian’s office of Kemp
        Klein. Alan A. May, who is my legal guardian, operates within the Kemp
        Klein Law Firm.

        Alan A. May has never actually communicated with me, has made reports
        to the Oakland County Circuit Court as though he actually had
        interacted with me.

        I am asking to file legal complaints regarding this case beyond the
        Oakland County Circuit Court system. I am exasperated by my failure to
        receive law enforcement assistance beyond petitions to the Oakland
        County Court Probate system.

        Additionally, I would also ask to report intimidation, harassing
        behaviour, and threatening behaviour, as well as neglectful failure to
        respond to my needs, from the Kemp Klein Law Firm.

        These employees have made threats of a sexual nature towards my person.

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