Probate Mafia How Judges Rob us of Justice, Rights and Money

Probate Mafia American Judges robing the public of rights law and justice

America is being robbed by judges who whore themselves out to anyone willing to pay


The scam is simple and has been going on for decades. Connected dirty lawyers make back room deals with corrupt judges (who are often law school friends or worked together for a law firm). What this begins is a totally illegal process that is hidden behind courtroom walls and sealed records. Made legal because it happened before a judge, who did not stop it or object. Perjury, fraud, embezzlement even over medicating with heavy duty psychotropic medications (which are known to cause death) are legally administered. Not only that, legal wills, power of attorney, trusts, (any legal document) are ignored or overturned by the judge. WHY? Because there’s zero accountability of prosecution, so as the saying goes “When the cat is away the mouse will play”. These crime scenes (courtrooms) are free to do as they wish and, certainly, they break all the rules. Should you question the court’s action, get involved at great legal expense to expose what’s going on or try and help the victim, you’ll be met with a judge who’ll allow the dishonest parties to use all the court’s authority to prosecute you via fraud, perjury or whatever means. This includes lying to police to create a crime or violation you did not commit. Worse, the police always believe undoubtedly the judge over anyone else. To make things worse, the government who should be protecting you for “Failure of due process”, violation of laws and your rights by a judge will ignore your reports, evidence and requests for an investigation or prosecution. Thus, the American BAR and its members have manipulated the system and government to allow it to operation under the protection of law. This sick, twisted, designed to steal and cheat system was created and set up by lawyers. So lawyers (judges included) can profit (steal and cheat) without worry from the public.


It’s been proven beyond any doubt that the judges launder their bribes via property loans to themselves or family members. Loans that are impossible to pay back at their pay scale, which they never pay back, just profit from.

Lawyers have manipulated the constitution, law and rights to give themselves the right to perjury, impunity and control

Dr. Richard I. Fine exposed the fact that 90% of California judges are accepting bribes. Chief Justice Ronald M George helped create SBX 2 11 behind the backs of the taxpayers, which legally protects judges who break the law by accepting bribes from being prosecuted. Fine was disbarred for speaking out and jailed by totally corrupt judge David P. Yafee

Investigative stories exposing judges
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