Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing the Tactics, lies and Fraud used against the innocent and victimized

Wovles in sheeps clothing the tactics and methods of the wolves

Old but relevant tactic’s that are common from our government, lawyers and the criminals who commit crimes via our courts.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Fox Guarding the Hen house
Don’t Kill the Messenger if you Don’t Like the Message
Bate and Switch

After years of being involved in the Probate courts and exposing the tremendous judicial corruption that takes place, you learn a few things. Fact is if you thought the lawyers, Judge and all involved who took your loved one hostage, robbed them of all their rights, estate and hope you still need to take care. Probate victims have already been victimized and traumatized by the court and the process. They all are seeking justice and help to get their loved on out and justice. This is where the lowest form of human scum arrives to take advantage. Non-profits are yet one more “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” tactic comes in. While it does not need to involve a non-profit. The image of someone doing something for free (non-profit) is a good image to hide behind. Do you really know what your donation is used for? Many of these non-profits make no money but they do pay themselves. Now think about that.

Now how do they promote their non-profit and get victims to trust them? Simple, show up at an event and claim you are all about change and justice. THey put up websites with fancy wording and claims, they flood social media with their false image.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The court and all involved hide behind false images of justice, law, rights and ethics, reality is they pretend to be Sheep but are in fact the Wolves
Fox Guarding the Hen house: The reason the legal system is a failure for the public and a huge profit system for BAR members is the Foxes don’t fear their own and set their own rules, rates and even immunity
“Don’t Kill the Messenger if you Don’t Like the Message” If anyone speaks out, exposes them the tactic is destroying their character and if lying helps’ no problem is acceptable
“Bate and Switch” Like the Trojan horse beware of gifts or petitions that sound good, once in court they will twist them and use another excuse to get what they really want.


Having been a victim of my mother’s abuse being conserved against her will via a perjured and fraudulent petition, forced out of her home, made to look mentally ill, abused and robbed of all her rights I have the background, experience to see clearly what goes on. When you are first sucked into this mess, you have no idea how corrupt the court system is. I, too, believe in all the images “honorable, justice, law, rights and evidence”. I also have a law enforcement background, which also reinforced the legal system, but the problem is you don’t see the abuse as much when you’re on the court’s side.

The legal system was set up by lawyers (wolves, Foxes) when you first find out your loved one is under Guardianship/Conservatorship, you start to ask questions by research or contacting a lawyer. The terms themselves are designed to instill protection, “Conserve, Guard”. Talking to the PVP assigned to my mother, she constantly reinforced, “Everything is overseen and approved by a judge and documented”. There is a “Conservator’s Handbook” of rules that must be followed. Contacting the Guardian/Conservator’s lawyer instantly causes concern, as they make promises to send documentation and answers. Sadly they left out the documents with the perjury, fraud and crimes. Plus, they specially delay sending timely documents that show upcoming court dates. It all started to look very suspicious and dishonest. Make sure you always get a full set of the documents yourself because lawyers lie and even commit crimes to profit. Once in the Probate courts and you appear for court hearings, read their petitions and do an accounting of the billings you see lots of fraud, over billing, perjury and plain stealing. It all puts you into a mode of panic and rush to get your loved one out and justice. Worse when you are told your own parent hates you and does not want to see you, plus they won’t tell you where they kidnapped and hid them.

Note: The Conservator’s Handbook is written by the judges and in our case ALL the rules were commonly broken or ignored even when brought to the attention of the judge. The PVP is paid by the estate of the ward, however the PVP is a whore to who writes the checks, as is everyone else involved. So the PVP does what the conservator wishes as far as helping her cover her lies, fraud and perjury, so she stays employed. My mother asked in writing to fire the PVP and have her own lawyer early on, but this is ignored or denied by the court. It’s disgusting how it’s all set up. They Wolves pretend that “in the best interest of the ward, they assign them a lawyer who works in the best interest of the ward”. Everything my mother wanted was ignored, even her wishes to create a will (because my mother wanted the Will to exclude the conservator) does this sound like a lawyer doing what their client wishes?

“Fox Guarding the Henhouse” The court puts a person who had NO positive or loving history with the ward, forces and Fox to be her lawyer (that does not have her best interest at heart).
“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”
“Don’t Kill the Messenger if you Don’t Like the Message” When evidence or documentation is submitted that exposes the crimes, abuse, fraud and perjury the tactic then is to discredit the party submitting the info. After all they can’t defend themselves so the stood to attacking the character of the person reporting. Worse, they add more perjury and fraud in the process. Now an honest judge would stop everything, start an investigation and the criminals should be jailed and put on trial by the state.  But that does not happen because the judge is a “Wolf” and “Fox guarding the Henhouse”.

The biggest surprise and shock is when I finally located my mother and got to see and speak to her personally. I was shocked at how my own sister was abusing our mother, misleading doctors and stealing from her. My mother was not suffering from Dementia, acting unable to care for herself. Fact is she was doing her own laundry and going to meals on her own. Better yet, she had seen some petitions and noticed the perjury, misleading info and manipulations.
My mother quickly informed me that (2) of her bank accounts totaling approximately $200,000.00 were never included in my sister’s petition. In fact, these accounts disappeared prior to our mother being conserved. Lucky me I kept good records and had even made deposits to those accounts, so proving they existed was not a problem. When we filed our petition exposing all the fraud, perjury and missing monies, the original lawyer who started the conservatorship quickly dropped out. Now a $500 an hour X president of the local BAR lawyer took over for the $250 lawyer.

Around this time, a woman called me and told me she was an activist and wanted to help my mother. She said she would meet me at the nursing home, which she did. She also requested copies of legal documents, which I provided. Shen seemed very interested and concerned, asked a lot of questions, and then recommended a lawyer to help. When I looked into the local lawyer, he asked for a $50,000.00 retainer and his goal was to replace the court assigned lawyer. When I confronted the woman that met with me about the lawyer asking her if she was getting a commission, she panicked. All my documents all of a sudden were mailed back to me and I never heard from them again.

This was the first time I experienced the “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing” tactic. The fact is court victims are already desperate, traumatized and hurting, many have invested hundreds of thousands in legal fees. I know because eventually a friend recommended a law firm. When you have no experience in probate court you don’t know who to turn to and often you are in a rush to attend the next hearing which may be when your mother’s home is being sold. So in a panic you hire a firm which runs $250-$500+, I was somewhere in the middle, but I bought into the legal system and had complete evidence and documentation so thought I’d win 100%.  Newbies all make this mistake of trusting the legal system and lawyers. Both of which are the most illegal profit systems and criminals in America (includes judges who are nothing more than lawyers).

I spend hours most of my days, nights and life looking for documents, gathering evidence, writing my lawyers to create my petition and pleadings. This really takes a told due to the stress and often rush to get things done all while your loved one is locked in a nursing home against her wishes, being over medicated, threatened and yelled at by the conservator and being lied about in all the court documents. Not to forget the “Probate Court Investigators” who appeared more like poorly trained or experienced agents of the court. Don’t buy their speech that they are there to help, their only goal is to help the court and the conservatorship/guardianship. This includes making up stories and lies about events and manipulation of your statements while they interview you. Example I had a folder with me one day when I visited my mother, luckily during my visit the probate investigator was also visiting. On previous visits I had met with the nursing home manager and told her I was concerned at the billing my sister made for simple things that made no sense like “Bring my mother her sunglasses and sun hat” $200, she was billing $50 an hour and lived minutes away. The manager could not believe this and asked to see any documentation, so in that folder I had (1) page with the accounting. During my sit down with the probate investigator, she asked what I had in the folder, and I told her I had a billing document for the nursing home manager. Later in the official report it was stated “The Son is bringing court documents to the ward” as if I was showing my mother documents she should not see.

My mother was so excited to see me and know I found her that was flipped into “the moment my brother started to visit our mother she became irate and upset, so we wish to stop him from visiting her and causing her mental anguish”. This was a trend that only got worse and worse, lots of negative comments with no evidence or witnesses. Fact is, I discovered my sibling was a Psychopath with zero empathy for her own mother. In fact, she was really good at playing musical doctors, manipulating doctors and perjury. She and her lawyers all used the common tactics. Even the main $500 an hour lawyer who profited hundreds of thousands wasting time, playing games and helping cause delays uses a fake image. He had the nerve to get a TV station doing a show on Elder abuse and how “HE” was one of the good guys who was protecting the elderly from exactly what he did to our mother. He’s all about money and nothing more. But to do this he needs to hide behind a false image “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing” tactic”

Sadly this describes America, the government, Law enforcement and the legal system. While they put on fake image and events of doing good, there is bate and switch, putting up “Foxes guarding the Hen house” like the FBI being run by lawyers who refuse to investigate anything where a court (lawyers) are involved. Another good example is back in 2005-2006 Los Angeles Times did an investigative story on Los Angeles Superior Court Probate division and expose the vast corruption, fraud, abuse and stealing by the judges. Judge Aviva K. Bobb the presiding judge who had a history of robbing the elderly, stealing their homes for pennies by farming them out to her own realestate partnet firm, then reselling them for top dollar. Striping seniors of all their rights and the ability to see their loved ones. Liqudating their estates for legal fees. It is better compared to what Hitler did to the jews in WWII. Striped of everything and drugged to death or stopped from getting full medical help due to the court.

What happened when this was all exposed? The same court continued, the judge was allows to retire early with full benefits and even keep all the funds and bribery involved. In fact they were allowed to set up a Professional fiducuiary bureau where victims and family could go for justice or help. (Fox Guarding the Hen house) which was made up of more lawyers who now had high paying jobs. But guess how many Fiduciaries were prosecuted? Maybe 1-2 in the past decade? Yet the tactics above are still used and will continue to be used


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