These rules may change as we vote and grow.

1. Respect for one another in our opinions, words and even when registering. If you think this is a game or attempt to register with false information, disrespectful nicknames or profile names, you may be banned, blocked and removed.

2. There is no reason to attack another user, and attacks of any kind are reason for suspension or removal from our community. You have the option to unfriend, block or ignore. All interaction must be respectful. Even if you don’t agree or believe what a user is stating, you have no right to disrespect them. A better alternative is to post with supportive info, your differing opinion. Everyone has the right to free speech and their opinion, no matter how much it may differ, or you don’t agree with it.

3. Disrespect for the Community (This site and domain name) will not be tolerated.

4. Donations, while currently we have not yet completed our non-profit status or donation process, we will accept donations for upkeep, storage and maintenance. The difference is donations will always be optional, never mandatory.

5. Voting and Polling, will be available to verified community members only and will contribute to changes, agreements, rules and standards


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