Welcome to Court Victim (CV) “The Community”. The title says it all. THE GOAL: To help organize the movement for CV’s to network, support and find each other. To offer insights, advice, tips and experiences by members who are organized by STATE and COUNTY/CITY. WHAT THE COMMUNITY OFFERS: PRIVATE AND GROUP MESSAGING: After clicking on the Friend (Member) to message you get options top of screen to call audio, video or text. Plus the option to do a group call via these options GROUPS, FORUMS, ACTIVITY MESSAGES FRIENDSHIP, PROFILE ACCESS BELOW: TOP RIGHT SCREEN ACCESS: BOTTOM RIGHT MESSAGES, FRIENDS GROUPS ACCESS: GROUPS: Social Media Style groups, public, private or secret. Groups can be created, edited and adjusted for who gets to see it. Groups can post videos, audio, documents etc. As you post similar to Facebook the posts drop in order on the page post date and time FORUMS: Threaded, organized discussions, public, private or secret. Forums differ from Groups as they can contain unlimited Topics to organize and event, organization, abuser, case etc. Read More

Truth takes over due to social media mass censorship

The world wants the Truth and social media and court victim network offer a non-censored experience

FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM losing the battle due to being highly censored. Meta Freaks out because they’ve been exposed as the most corrupt, dangerous, censored platform on earth. The world wants X because they want the truth. Other platforms have trolls who will call out anyone sharing this info as “Wackos” or other cancel words via baseless lies and fake news. The numbers are in and X is where everyone is going. Elon Musk is like other billionaires who are not bought out like some scum who stole their concepts and got rich off dishonest practices like selling user data and helping pedophiles abuse children via their dangerous platforms Don’t believe the fake news, made up numbers that Google searches find the goal is to shut X down to stop the world from getting the real facts on places like Israel and Ukraine. Now the criminals and Terrorist countries can’t hide their crimes. THIS IS HOW IT STARTS: Twitter bans posting of handles and links to Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon and more Read More


Mick Wallace free the world exposes military industry complex corrupt politicians ukraine israel iraq gas oil

SUPPORT HERO MICK WALLACE Michael Wallace born 11/09/1955 an Irish politician and property developer who is a Member of the European Parliament MEP from Ireland since July 2019.5] Wallace gained his reputation for anti-establishment and left-wing populist views, becoming a frequent guest on political debate shows. He is a brave activist who speaks the truth, thus main stream media lies and spreads false propaganda to try and discredit the factual truth he shares. Read More

Freedom Enough 036 – Donald Charles Schwartz by Alexander Baker

Freedom Enough 36 Donald Charles Schwartz White Collar Criminal If There Ever Was One

Freedom Enough 036 – Donald Charles Schwartz Today: – White Collar Criminal If There Ever Was One Date: Sunday, September 17, 2023 Time: 2 PM East / 11 AM Pacific Where: Speak Free Radio (audio, archives here) Where else: (video, archives here) Why: Because you want to escape the cage and live free from government.  Does a civil Justice System exist at all? Or, is the court system just a playground for white collar criminals? Who is this California attorney Donald Charles Schwartz? Now that he has been caught red-handed committing felony forgery of court documents, and conspiring with adverse counsel to frame his own client for perjury, so that the defendant in the lawsuit can avoid liability for RICO Racketeering and Fraud – Is the judge in the case just going to let Don Schwartz get away with this? [2] Hello world – I am… It’s September 17, 2023, today on Freedom Enough # 36 – Donald Charles Schwartz – White Collar Criminal if Ever There Was One. I have seen a lot of lawyers to a lot of crooked, underhanded, nefarious things to their own clients. But… Read More


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